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Miners Night Out Dinner Auction


This is one of our biggest fundraising event for the year.  Community is welcome.













Silent Auction Bidding Basics


To place a silent auction bid, legibly print your name and phone number in the starting bid space or on the line following the highest current bid.


•Indicate your bid in the appropriate space on your bidding row. All new bids must be higher than the previous bid by at least the minimum raise indicated at the top of the bid sheet, in order to be valid.


•A bid is construed as a legal agreement to purchase the listed item(s) at the amount indicated. All bidders must be 18 years of age or above.


•All winning bids must be settled before the end of the event by cash, check or credit card.


•In order to protect the integrity of all bidders, please do not scratch out bids. Bids may only be voided by an auction volunteer or staff member due to valid bidding error. Please seek assistance if you find an invalid bid or make a mistake during bidding.


•The auction will close at 8:00pm, at which time the highest bid on each bid sheet will be declared the winner. If conflict arises over identifying the last valid bid for an item(s), auction staff has the sole discretion to determine the winner or to impose an alternate method of closing the item for interested parties, including, but not limited to, a sealed final bid.


Guidelines for Silent Auction Security

•Please do not remove or relocate auction items. If you with to look more closely at an item than placement allows, please seek the assistance of auction staff or volunteers.


•Please refrain from touching fine art or jewelry items.


•Please do not open baskets or packages.


Silent Auction Restrictions and Other Details


•All known or apparent contents, restrictions, and details of items have been indicated on the bid sheets.


•Gift certificates, gift cards, etc. are not displayed, but will be provided at the time of payment. When possible, copies of such items are attached under bid sheets for your examination.


•Reservations for trips, stays in hotels, use of facilities, ticket redemption (or other applicable items or actions) must be mutually arranged by the winning bidder and the donor unless otherwise specified. Blackout periods, expiration dates and restrictions may apply.


•Restrictions and expiration dates do apply on several auction items. Gift certificates should be thoroughly scrutinized. The utmost care has been taken to note restrictions as accurately as possible; however, the Black Diamond PTA is not responsible for any restrictions omitted or not otherwise indicated by the donor, or prizes not claimed within the scope of restrictions or expiration dates.


Get your Tickets

Silent & Live Auction


Raffle tickets $1 each, 50/50 raffle



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